I was watching Prison Break, one of my favorite serials (after I watched Shawshank Redemption, prison movies and serials intrigue me). In the very first episode Michael Scoffield's room mate tells him welcome new fish. I liked that term new fish reminded me of how unbelievably peaceful they make you feel. I like aquariums. The thought of bringing the peace of the sea on land.

Recently Google released iGoogle, a new look to your search page. This page allows you to add all the Google Gadgets to the page. Apart from that I've also seen plenty of ads being displayed. I guess Google found another way to make money off the ads.

I like one of the gadgets a lot, its a box that has little gold fish in it. Everytime I get tired of work or of the monotony. I sit down and look at the moving fish. The Lava lamp is pretty good too, but there is no interaction. You can feed the fish by clicking on the box and all the fish come running.

Once they eat the food, there are small rings in the water. It looks so nice. Here is a sample. The image is my iGoogle. Check out the cool Lava lamp and the fish. You can find the ads there too!

Please feel free to feed my fish! You can have them on your site too. You'll have to go to A. Bowmann's site